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CakePHP Development in Kenya

Since its inception, CakePHP has made a great impact on the way developers approach programming concepts. Inspired by the Ruby on Rails framework, it made it a highly easy way for developers to approach Open Source application development. Using the most comprehensive and superbly aligned practices, CakePHP allows the developers to apply the least codes (and no complicated XML or YAML files) and rapidly build projects, which in turn helps in reducing the cost of development.

At Baggins, our organized team of CakePHP resources is well-acquainted with its object-oriented programming and MVC (Model View Controller) conventions that help the team to use the resourceful features like built-in caching, translations, validations, database access, and authentication most advantageously. We have worked on a range of customized CakePHP solutions across different industrial platforms and business verticals. Our expert programmers implement security features like input validation, form tampering protection, CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection, SQL injection prevention, and XSS (cross-site scripting) prevention to help you keep your application safe & secure.

CakePHP development at Baggins includes product designing, modification, customization, integration and up-gradation services. We integrate different third-party modules and tools and incorporate back-end functionalities that include CMS development and system designing. We also help you with server configuration and deployment services followed by a complete support solution.

CakePHP Framework Development Services

Cakephp Migration Solutions

Migration between CakePHP platforms is now a lot easier with the help of CakePHP Migration Solutions offered by Octal.

3rd Party App Integration

Here at Baggins, our skilled CakePHP developers integrate CakePHP development services with third-party APIs.

Cakephp Plugin Development

Developing and maintaining the plugin promote with our plugin development services. Our developers are efficient in the arena.

Cakephp Cms Development

With Baggins you get a robust CMS solution on CakePHP framework with great effectiveness. So get the best services with us.

Cakephp Shopping Cart Solutions

This is one arena we are proficient in. We are offering smooth checkout and payment for your users all around the globe.

Theme Design & Integration

Hurry up and make your website alluring in the eyes of customers with our impactful CakePHP themes that suits business.

Why Baggins For CakePHP Web Development?

Custom Development

Baggins has been developing web applications using Cake PHP for years. Cake PHP is one of the most renowned web frameworks used for developing custom web applications and websites using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It can also be used for developing Web APIs by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Webstock. Our team of developers has a strong command of Cake PHP and can easily shape your idea into reality. We implement the finest coding practices to build feature-rich and robust solutions for businesses that contribute to their expansion. We also prioritize integrating engaging CX to draw the attention of potential customers.

Dedicated Developers

Baggins is proud to have a team of dedicated developers who hold expertise in Cake PHP development. The team of developers has a strong command of the Cake PHP framework. Over the years, ‌developers have built and deployed multiple web APIs for businesses that further assisted in expansion. Cake PHP developers hired from Baggins are highly skilled and talented. The team can conveniently develop a web application in accordance with the business requirements. Cake PHP developers keep the client updated with the progress of the project. Also, the project is timely delivered as promised. Thus, take a step forward to get in touch with us and start turning your vision into reality.

Support & Maintenance

Websites and web applications need optimum maintenance and support to run smoothly. Web APIs need to be updated periodically to keep up with the competition. Therefore, we offer maintenance & support services to our clients and ensure that their Web API is working fine and has no bugs or glitches. Any issues found in the website or web application are fixed on priority. The web APIs are also upgraded with cutting-edge features that help in engaging and retaining users. Thus, we endorse investing money in maintenance and support as it helps keep the web application up to the mark.

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