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Over the years handyman software solutions have offered extended help to the end-users to accomplish their daily chores. From simply cleaning the home to land mowing and car washing every service is available in the application. We understand you choose to enter the market with a strong presence and help you own the same. With products using advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Machine Learning Based Solutions, Big Data Based Solutions, etc. we have come a long way. All the solutions that we have for you are designed to suit your business needs and expand the business opportunity.

Our on-demand mobile app development team has earned years of experience working on similar solutions and they look forward to turning your thoughts into a working reality that would help you build a strong presence in the market.

Basic Handyman Mobile App Features

Features that make your app stand out.

Accept/reject Job Request

According to the product availability, a number of handymen available, and the pending orders, accept or reject the orders through the app for finding Handyman.

Emergency/ Panic Button

TrAn advanced Panic button allows the Handymen on demand app users to seek help in the case of any emergency or panic situation.

Advanced Booking Alternative

The Handyman on demand app lets you book the services in advance based upon their location/availability and sends you notifications.

Multi-location Access

Users of your on demand Handyman app may find handymen from different locations, along with finding the handymen in their neighborhood area.

Job List At One Place

Your Handyman on hire app would include the list of services and odd jobs the experts associated with the application can perform in one place.

Location Favorites

GPS integration lets you on demand Handyman service app users easily find a handyman in their area and it also allows your users and handymen to share & track locations.

Cancel Bookings

The on-demand Handyman service app users may cancel the booking if they are not available at home or have found an alternative.

Generate New Bills Easily

The on-demand Handyman app allows you to generate digital bills easily. You may also send the bills to your app users and handymen easily.

Handyman Web Development Services Ladened with Features for Great ROI

Create/edit Profile

Users and handymen may create their personal profiles by providing essential information about them in the on-demand app for Handymen.

Switch Online/offline

When working on your handyman website development experts ensure that you may toggle the availability of the handymen. The handymen may also set their availability.

Instant Alert

The app for finding Handyman sends instant alerts for booking, cancelation, scheduling, and arrival time of handyman and job completion.

Social Sharing

Users may easily signup or log in using their social media accounts & may share your Handyman on-demand app with their social media friends.

Wallet Money

The Handyman on hire app comes with an eWallet that your users may pay for your service. Easy wallet top-up through credit/debit cards.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Retain your on-demand app for Handymen customers by offering loyalty programs, special discounts, referral programs, or other promotional activities.

Stand Out Highlights of Your Handyman Application to Lead the Competition

Caller Identification

The inbuilt feature of the on-demand handyman application lets your handymen identify the callers even before picking up the call. This helps them customize their conversation. With smart AI-Based chatbot solutions, we affirm that your end-user gets an experience they would want to return to.

Pay By Cash/Credit Card

Let the Handymen on-demand app users pay through different payment mediums, including cash, net banking, or credit/debit cards. We integrate ewallet applications with your product to make the payment process for various services easier and more convenient.

Live Tracking

Track bookings and other processes in real-time, and get detailed reports about all the activities through your Uber for Handymans. One can always be updated with the estimated time to get the job done.

Handyman Login

Users of Uber for Handymen may signup/login with their email/password, social media accounts, and phone number with a one-time password. Our handyman app development company takes care of the privacy and confidentiality of the individuals.


Users, handymen, and admin get notifications about new inquiries, allocation, job completion, and payments. The hybrid mobile app developers use the best technology to help you build a strong presence in the market.


Promote your on-demand handyman app with inbuilt promotions, offers, discounts, and other loyalty programs. With an in-app wallet integrated with your on demand handyman app, it becomes easier for you to offer cashback and reward points.

GPS Navigation

Makes it easy for your on-demand handyman application users & handymen to locate each other and find the shortest route to reach them through inbuilt GPS. As most services would be deployed from a common station, the GPS can help service providers reach the destination real quick.

Instant Chat

The app for finding Handyman comes with inbuilt Chat, Email, and SMS integration allowing your users to communicate with you when they need it. The on-demand mobile app development team affirms the solutions deployed are designed to fit your domain.

Advanced Features to Include in Your On-demand Handyman Application

Automatic Billing

The Handyman on demand app creates digital invoicing and bills, keeping the necessary monetary records right in your pocket.

Advanced Backend Configuration

You get an advanced backend in the Handyman on hire app that allows you to configure your settings and provide other details.

Fast Booking

With real-time availability and easy-to-use Handymen on demand app, booking the appointments become very easy for the patients.

Quick Cloud Installations

The on demand Handyman app is managed by clouds with all the important data stored on clouds. This makes the app run faster and safe.

Detailed Handyman Profile

Your on demand Handyman service app users and handymen may create their profiles with details they want to show.

Advanced Analytics

Get detailed insights about the activities on your on-demand app for Handymans, including appointments, users, handymen, earnings, and much more.

Advanced Search

Users of the Uber for Handyman may search for handymen using advanced keywords like location, specialty, fees, etc.

Built-in SEO

The on demand handyman app comes with built-in SEO features that make it easy for your users to search handymen with relevant keywords.

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  1. The use of advanced technology like AI and machine learning is impressive. It’s great to see how these apps are helping businesses expand their opportunities and provide better services to users.

  2. The in-app wallet and GPS navigation features are especially useful for users and service providers.

  3. The inbuilt promotions, GPS navigation, and instant chat features seem very user-friendly and convenient.

  4. This on-demand handyman app seems to have all the necessary features for a seamless user experience. The inbuilt promotions and GPS navigation are particularly useful for both users and handymen.

  5. The in-app wallet, GPS navigation, and instant chat features seem particularly useful for both users and handymen.

  6. It’s interesting to see how technology like AI and machine learning is being integrated into these apps to enhance user experience.

  7. The advanced features mentioned, such as live tracking and customer loyalty programs, seem like they would greatly benefit both users and handymen.

  8. It’s great to see how technology is being used to improve the efficiency and convenience of these services.

  9. This on-demand handyman app seems to have all the necessary features to make booking and managing appointments easier for both users and handymen. The built-in promotions and loyalty programs are a nice touch to attract more customers.

  10. It’s impressive to see how technology like AI and machine learning is being utilized in this industry. The features mentioned, such as live tracking and customer loyalty programs, are definitely key in standing out in the market.

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