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Travel Planner App in Kenya

Travel and Tourism Industry Solutions that provide your users with the essential information they need while traveling – A travel planner app, ticket booking app, audio tour app and much more.

Being the leading travel planner app development company, Techscrow provides innovative and interactive solutions for the travel and tourism industry. We understand the importance of a reliable travel partner that lets you explore places, and make your holidays fun.

We build a wide range of travel and tourism solutions, including travel planner app development, audio tour guide app development, itinerary planner app development, flight ticket booking app development, hotel booking app development, and much more. Essentially, we cover everything it takes to make your holidays hassle-free.

Our travel planner mobile applications come with engaging gamification and attractive features that make planning your journey fun for you. A visual delight, you just enjoy preparing your checklists and destinations to visit a gameplay. What’s more, you have a travel companion that suggests the best places to visit in any city/country, with real-time weather conditions, traffic, charges, and much more.

Dedicated Panels for All App Users

Admin Panel

Manage the request Manage advertising and promotions Display the filtered choices Edit the holiday packages Manage users

Travel Agency Panel

Manage packages and itineraries Manage promotions and special offers Adjust prices and packages Manage payments & earnings List destinations Can see and accept bookings Manage hotel, flight & transportation bookings Can see the statistics

User Panel

Account login Avail a deal Make accommodation reservations Find a guide Request for holiday packages Make a request Share the details Create and save wish lists

User Panel

Advanced Features

Audio Tour App Development

Our travel planner app development services include audio tour guide app development. It helps you to discover the places while sitting at a particular location. The audio app will take you to all the beautiful landmarks while telling you the complete specialties and details.

On-demand Booking Solutions

We provide a wide range of on-demand booking app solutions for various necessities. Made an instant holiday plan, easily book the hotels, tickets, cab rides, travel agents. So, find out the all the instant solutions for making your traveling embellished.

Holiday Planner App

The main feature of our travel planner app development is the holiday planner application. According to the number of days, explore the best places to visit along with the charges along with the reservation fare and best hotel available.

Destination And Utility Finder Apps

You need a list of utilities at different destinations to make your journey a comfortable one. The utility finder solutions allow you to search for nearby instant solutions such as ATM, Medical Stores, Washrooms and the famous destinations.

Social Media Integration

Travelling to exotic places without letting your buddies know is not fun. Share the traveling photographs right away from the app. All the major social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are linked so as to make the sharing easy.

Payment Integration

Need to make any payments while travelling? Carrying cash is so old days. Trusted payment models such as PayPal, Braintree can be used for making the payments with a reliable approach. Multi-currency support, Integrated In-app purchase model.

Intelligent Booking System

The intelligent booking system keeps track of your routine and makes arrangement accordingly. Analyze the optimized booking and fare related solutions, with different options. Book the tickets for any reservation category as per the budget implication.

Customer Grievance System

Never leave your customers unattended when they need you the most. Communication is the key to the success of any business. Interacting with the users and solving their problems can boost the app downloads and encourages them to stay connected with the app.

Core Features

Push Notifications

One of the core features of travel planner app development is sending timely and relevant push notifications. Inform the top offers and discounts, revised flight fare charges so as to keep the users updated and encourages them for planning the vacation plans.

In-app Cab Booking Facility

Need to travel within the city? Why install a separate taxi booking app when you can do it from our travel planner app? Book a Cab from the hotel, with the in-app cab booking facility for easily locating the places and the destinations.

Location-based Emergency Services

Whenever you are in utter need of help in case of any emergency, we get you covered. It delivers the right information associated with the local medical emergencies such as hospitals or medical stores, thus ensuring a safe traveling.

Find Travel Guides

Our travel planner app development service comes with integration of different travel guides in different cities. Displays the nearby available travel guides, by just tapping on the name, fetch the details to explore a new place with a simplified approach.

Accommodation And Transport

Staying at a comfortable place and travel across is also covered with our smart accommodation and transportation finder. It filters out all the available hotel options, transport options and maps the geographic location for auto and bus stands for the desired location.


Language should never be a barrier in communication, and we get you covered here. Translates the statements of the third person in the user local language and allows them to understand the meanings and lets them reply as well.

Common Features

Customised solutions, timely delivery and affordability.

Profile Registration

We provide travel planner app development with a customized touch, to manage all your information at one place. Sign-in with the basic details for authorization and identification purposes.


Never get lost while travelling to different places. We provide in-build geo-location and maps that allow your users to find the right and optimized path while traveling to unknown destinations.

Spot Services

Never miss an exciting tourist destination due to lack of information. The smart sport suggestion is right in the application. Discover the best sightseeing places, cafes, and hotels around your location.

Offline Access

Travelling to remote areas where internet connectivity is an issue? We get you covered. The offline access allows to book the services or for finding the destination, even when the internet is missing.

Rewards And Reviews

Earn reward points while exploring the destinations of your dreams. Rewards the users with great deals, and lets them write the reviews for the services. Offer special discounts on bookings, food and travelling.

Currency Converter

While traveling abroad, convert the currencies, to make the payments with no hassle. The advanced currency converter supports multiple currencies, never leaving your users short of funds in remote locations.

World Clock

Travelling across time zones? We assist you with a world clock that keeps you in sync with the time. It displays the time zones for the selected counties, so as to make conversations.

Weather Forecasting

The advanced weather forecast system keeps you informed about the current weather in different locations. IT analyzes the weather behavior, for making traveling comfortable and enthusiastic.

GPS Technology

We manage to craft out most out of the technology. It not only tracks your location but also suggest the preferred locations nearby thus making the traveling much more enriched and interesting.

Cloud Operations

Whether, it’s their wish lists, destination-related data, payment history, preferences and interests, all the associated information can be accessed in a reliable way.

Real-time Analytics

Powered by the latest database parameters, data structures, and algorithms, we create customized analytics panel that monitors the requirements of your businesses.

Holiday Wish Lists

Save the desired holiday details, that matches up with your user interest and their wish list for the future use, so as to allow them to avail the services when required.

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