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iOS App Development Company in Kenya

Unravel Invention with Our Cutting-Edge iOS App Development in Kenya.

Baggins offers advanced iOS app development services perfectly aligned with your business’s evolving requirements and future goals. Hire an iOS mobile application development team from us who have deep knowledge of Apple’s ecosystem to deliver user-friendly and appealing applications. Regarding user experience, our team of brilliant UI/UX designers is at the forefront and works closely with the respective client. They meticulously craft wireframes that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. With their development expertise, we ensure that every interaction with your app is seamless and delightful, maximizing user engagement and satisfaction.

Whether you need a customized iPhone app, or an iPad app, or want to migrate your existing application into an iOS application, our iOS mobile app development company is always your trusted partner for a wide range of iOS app development services. Our assurance to provide quality solutions following industry best practices and approaches makes us a preferred choice for all kinds of ventures.

Custom iOS App Device Solutions

iPhone App Development

Let us bring your vision to life with custom iPhone app development that symbolizes your brand’s mission and caters to your target audience ensuring ideal performance. Prepare to dazzle and engage your users like never before with our iPhone app development services.

iPad App Development

Our iPad app development services accentuate providing enhanced user experience using deep analysis, and appealing UI/UX. From gaming adventures to streaming movies & shows, our iPad apps will engage your audiences in a world of endless possibilities.

WatchOS App Development

We specialize in creating smooth-performing apps for Apple Watch, augmenting user ease with rapid access to insights & functionality directly from their wrist. Our modernized WatchOS solutions vary from notification-based apps to fitness apps to utilities.

tvOS App Development

Our skilled team of iOS developers can build perfect tvOS applications customized as per your needs. The iOS application development services team encompasses its expertise by designing highly intuitive interfaces optimized for the TV screen offering an enjoyable and improved user experience.

End-to-End iOS App Development Services

iOS App Development Consultation

We have the best iOS experts to guide you on iOS application development. From ideation to tech insights, to strategic planning, unleash the full potential of your app idea with our iOS app development consultation to turn your app vision into reality. Each one of us including iOS software developers, designers, and project managers will be here to provide you with professional guidance to initiate your project. We first assess your target audience and business requirements and then, suggest you a plan comprising device compatibility, estimated time & cost, technologies, tools, and others. We start the project after getting your approval on the plan.

Custom iOS App Development

Unleash the power of Custom iOS App Development by teaming up with our seasoned experts. We don’t just build apps; we create digital identities that represent your business and establish a strong brand presence online. Whether you are looking to create an iPhone app, an iPad app, or any specific iOS app, we have all the knowledge and expertise to deliver quality solutions with personalized modules that improve functionality. Our team of developers focuses on building progressive iOS apps leveraging their far-reaching expertise. These customized iOS solutions also comprise required features aligned with the specific brand. Imbue the proficiency of our skilled professionals in streamlining multi-thread environments and creating advanced algorithms.

iOS App Migration Solution

Being a top iOS app development company, we offer extensive services, and iOS app migration services are also one of them. We are highly experienced in migrating an existing app into an iOS app to align businesses with current market needs. In the fast-paced world of evolving technologies, keeping up with the times is crucial. Our iOS mobile app migration services ensure that you never miss out on the latest advancements. Upgrade to better technologies and leave behind the fear of falling behind. We meticulously plan the entire process to alleviate the downtime and possible issues that occur between. Be it upgrading from an older version of iOS or moving from another platform, our team has the expertise to manage the intricacies of migration with accuracy.

Automated QA and Testing

Experience flawlessness and smooth working process with our provided Automated QA and Testing. Our dedicated QA team rigorously checks the functionality and operations of your applications, ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards. We deliver impeccable and bug-free solutions that give you a competitive edge in the market. At our iOS application development company, you will get a well-versed QA team that creates automated testing strategies customized to your particular requirements. We also design test scripts to cover an extensive range of use cases guaranteeing complete test coverage. Our team boosts the development testing life cycle by systematizing time-consuming and tedious tasks enabling faster release cycles without hindering quality.

Support and Maintenance

Our iPad app development company is known as an award-winning top iOS app development company that offers continuous support and maintenance services including server monitoring, bug solving, and round-the-clock client support. Our expert-level monitoring ensures smooth working, bug fixing, app functionality, managing mobile operating systems updates, and many other aspects. Count on our Support and Maintenance services for long-term success. We believe in building lasting relationships, which is why our team is available 24*7 to provide technical assistance whenever you need it. Our robust solutions are designed to be easily updated and scaled, aligning with evolving business standards. The dedicated support team at our custom iOS app development services company is equipped to provide timely assistance, ensure a flawless user experience, and address any issues.

Enterprise iOS Apps

Our enterprise iOS app services are offered to strengthen businesses with pioneering mobile solutions to elevate productivity, proficiency, and complete performance. At our iOS development services company, we excel in creating scalable enterprise iOS applications comprising tailored business process apps, customer-facing solutions, and employee collaboration tools aligning seamlessly with your business goals. With an emphasis on incorporating the latest technologies such as ML, AI, and data analytics, our team assists in business process optimization and provides suitable solutions to outdo the competitors. Pick our Enterprise iOS app services to change the way your organization operates, manage workflows, and offer a competitive advantage in the digital realm.

Step-by-Step iOS App Development Process

Project Ideation

Initially, it is necessary to define the purpose and goals of your business as we will assemble a specialized team accordingly. Analyze the current market trends and competitors while assessing the features, technologies, tools, estimated time & cost, etc. are also comprised in this step.

UI/UX Design

Our expert iOS designers will create wireframes and prototypes for your project to outline the app’s user flow and structure. Later, we design an engaging and interactive UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) with an emphasis on clarity, flawlessness, and aesthetics.

App Development

iOS mobile app development services company has the best in-house iOS mobile app development team to build solutions using the best programming languages, technologies, and tools. Our experts break down the process into small sprints to make it easier and focus on incorporating basic features and functions first.

Quality Assurance

Our QA experts never compromise on the quality of our built iOS applications; hence, we conduct different testing procedures to assess and fix bugs to guarantee smooth functionality. It is also to validate that the application fulfills designing and developing requirements.

Deployment & Hosting

This step includes the final rollout of the application on the Apple App Store. Implement effective marketing approaches for app promotion, continuous support & maintenance services, and regular updates to ensure smooth app functionality.

Latest Technologies We Embrace for iOS App Development

Artificial Intelligence

While providing iOS app development services, our experts use the power of Artificial Intelligence to augment user experiences and empower advanced functionalities. Leverage AI to enable image & speech recognition, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and predictive analysis. From smart content generation to virtual assistance, AI is carrying new opportunities for businesses.


The integration of AR/VR into iOS app development lets the users delve into a unique, innovative, and engaging experience. Our iOS offshore development team leverages Apple’s ARKit as it includes a robust framework helpful in AR features’ integration into iOS apps, permitting experts to overlap digital data into the real world. VR also enables the use of frameworks like Unreal or Unity engine to create innovative iOS apps.

Big Data

While providing iOS app development, our developers get benefits by using several efficient tools to manage the vast amount of data to boost user experiences and promote better decision-making. Using big data analytics, experts are also able to modernize the entire iOS app development process. They can collect and analyze user reviews and feedback to address areas for improvement to make data-driven decisions.


We have experienced Blockchain developers to develop proficient iOS mobile applications. Be it native or custom iOS app development services, we leverage Blockchain technology to offer improved transparency, security, and decentralization. The team at our iOS app development company builds decentralized payment gateways through Blockchain integration to allow users unmodified, trustless, and secure transactions.

Headless Commerce

The use of headless commerce enables our iOS app developers to decouple the front-end & back-end of an eCommerce platform. It helps to leverage APIs to associate the front end of an app with the back-end commerce engine, delivering a customizable and agile user experience. Headless commerce also assists in developing user-centric and engaging interfaces integrated with back-end systems to provide an amazing shopping experience.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has provided an efficient way for users to interact with their linked devices. Users can easily communicate and have remote control over smart devices such as home security systems, wearables, and others. Our developers also use IoT frameworks and protocols to craft ground-breaking iOS solutions enabling smooth data exchange between different devices and interconnected devices.

Our Expertise in Different iOS Solutions


Enable users to have an insightful and unified outlook of their health & fitness data efficiently using HealthKit that fosters a wholesome approach to personal well-being.

Apple Pay (PassKit)

Integration of Apple Pay facilitates users with rapid, convenient, and secure processing of payments leveraging advanced functionalities of this feature.


Streamline smart home management using HomeKit enables users to automate and control varied devices effectively with the help of their varied iOS devices.


Use CloudKit to flawlessly incorporate cloud storage to access the data across devices, database services, and authentication steps at the time of iOS app development.


Empower users using voice recognition technology through SiriKit at the time of iOS mobile app development. It manages users’ instructions to perform a specific task.


iBeacons help users in location-based communications via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). It provides a modified user experience by navigation management in large spaces.


We comprise MetricKit during iOS mobile application development as it helps in accessing and monitoring performance metrics while augmenting the app’s reliability.


Integrating CarPlay assists users in having an elevated in-car experience, easy navigation, and hands-free activities by connecting their iPhones to the car’s infotainment system.

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