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Enterprise Mobility in Kenya

Our Enterprise Mobility Services providers allow organizations to be highly productive and customer-centric by enabling access to information to the right person at the right time.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions are today an integral part of businesses and their processes. With globalized work settings and market expansions, the need for businesses to touch distant locations and appoint selling points at different places has grown big. Enterprise mobility has solved various issues of present-day business needs. At Baggins, we have worked on multiple methods and researched different aspects wherein the needs of Enterprise Mobility exist and derived the most valuable solutions for them to benefit from the innovative technology.

All these factors have been brought together by enterprise mobility solutions crafted to suit the business orientation and its needs. This way, they seamlessly connect and fill the distances and gaps with effective communication and technology support using their mobile phones, making the business grow phenomenally. Through our innovative and futuristic solutions, we aim to provide a complete solution, including consulting, development, maintenance, and support, to suit the best ‌departmental needs, different professional practices, and diversified business requirements.

Why Baggins As Enterprise Mobility Partner

Skilled Development Team

When working on a project, partnering with a team that can turn your business objective into a working reality is essential. At Baggins, we have a team of skilled developers who understand your business requirements and use the latest technology to fulfill your needs. Over the years, our developers have upskilled themselves to bring to-the-screen solutions that are easy to navigate, help users avail services easily, build a brand identity online, and expand for significant profits. The enterprise mobility solution-providing team understands your business needs automation and creates a solution that enhances business productivity and proficiency. They help your various departments work with technology avoiding human intervention, and using your users to improve your business. During the development process, our experts stay in discussion with the client and build a solution that reflects their vision.

Project Analysis

At Baggins, we make sure your business applications reflect your vision and objective clearly. Our team follows agile development processes to provide the best enterprise mobility development services. The client can always review the development process, and suggest the changes they want, and our experts do the needful to bring the best. The quality analysis and software testing team evaluates various aspects of the project to gain an understanding of the project and its working. Our experts understand the objectives, feasibility, risks, costs, benefits, and potential outcomes of the project. We affirm that the best practices and standards are followed for effective enterprise mobility solutions. The project analysis team makes use of the best tools and techniques to analyze the project and deliver a feasible solution.

Work Experience

When looking for a reliable enterprise mobility solution, our team assures you of time deliverables and quality. Over the years we have been delivering high-quality enterprise mobility solutions that help our clients meet their business objectives. Our experts can use the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, etc. You can check our portfolio and see our wide experience in various business verticals. We have worked with international clients who have served technologically advanced and futuristic solutions that are designed to simplify clients’ business needs. Our experts have delivered solutions that are designed and developed to build a strong presence in the market. With their experience, they bring the best on the screen to help you grow.

Time Deliverables and Quality

Our dedicated development team understand lesser time to market bring better profits. We stick to the stringent deadline and make sure the solutions are deployed within the given time. We stick to a well-defined software development lifecycle that makes sure the project is developed as per the defined scope. We share an SRS with you that has the timeline of the development process and our development team delivers solutions accordingly. Our clients have always trusted us with limited-time delivery and quality solutions. We understand when you are entering the market, time is money and we make sure not to take much of your time in the development process. If there are no major modifications during the reviews, the solutions will be deployed to you within the defined timeline.

Enterprise Mobility – Offerings

Enterprise Mobility Consulting

With us, you get the best-suited enterprise mobility consulting solutions. We offer the best services that you get at the lowest possible budget for your small-scale business. These best-in-class technology solutions lend a positive thrust to your business, and this way, it flourishes optimally.

Business Process Automation

A BPA is a technology-enabled automation of activities or services that accomplish a specific workflow. It makes business processes for a number of company activities, consisting of sales, management, operations, supply chain, human resources, and information technology easy.

Field Workforce Management

We understand not all your workforce works from an office. Our enterprise mobility development experts build solutions where you can easily manage the employees that work from the field. You can check ‌their schedules, locate vehicles, manage work, generate payroll, etc.

Information Management Solutions

Information Management Solutions are regarding the collection, management, and distribution of information. Our mobile app developers build solutions to store enterprise information assets in a manner that’s helpful for security, regulatory compliance, and search.

Security & Management

It’s time that you strike the right balance between user productivity and IT risks. With Mobile Device Security & Management, you get full visibility and control over mobile user activity to protect sensitive data on mobile devices, apps, and data via a single built-in console.

Real-time Operations Management

With our solutions, remotely monitor, model, and manage healthy construction and production operations. Here at Octal, we bring together domain expertise, advanced processes, and leading technologies to monitor, model, and manage development remotely.

Supply Chain Management ‌

Supply Chain Management service providers build solutions necessary for the optimization of your end-to-end supply chains and harness the power of social networking ‌to collaborate in a more effective manner internally, as well as with customers, partners, and suppliers.

Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) developed at Octal IT Solution, brings together mobile hardware devices, cellular data communications, GPS tracking, and internet-based services to create integrated systems to remotely manage mobile vehicles, mobile workers, and other high-value assets.

Why Enterprise Mobility is Crucial for your business?

Automate Process

Collect factory or business operation-related data in real-time direct to systems & mobile devices rather than enter the data later on via desktop.


Required information in hand irrespective of their location results in operational errors and quicker delivery which enhances business productivity.

Streamlined Business Processes

It maintains better coordination and ‌improved business prospects by allowing easy exchange of information mails & reports to facilitate quick decision making.

Better Communication

With an easy medium to communicate and access to required information, employees are well connected and in real-time updated with the latest business intelligence.

Reduce Cost

By enabling access to corporate applications & information through personal-owned mobile devices, dependency on desktop and stationary is lowered.

Work-Life Balance

Enterprise mobility solutions enable employees to better manage their office & personal life. It also facilitates to bring the tools they need to complete work from home.

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