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Mobile Web Design in Kenya

We believe your website is more than just a digital brochure. Our mobile web design services offer solutions that are optimized to provide a great user experience. We understand your business credibility, customer relationship, and conversations all depend on the solutions we offer. The mobile app development team at Baggins builds solutions that are intuitive and responsive and can easily be accessed on iPhone, Android, and other high-powered handheld devices.

Our UI/UX design and development team ensures your website is optimized to function over various platforms and devices. They affirm to deliver an engaging experience, with mobile-friendly navigation, screen layout, content, and overall design. With the booming popularity of services over mobile phones, you mustn’t miss out on any chance of taking your business to your audience.

At Baggins, we have experience of working with a range of industries around the globe and understand the importance of being reachable. Get custom solutions to make your website accessible to your audience on all mediums. With intuitive and user-friendly solutions our UI/UX designers can take your business to new heights.

Advantages of Mobile Web Design

Mobile First Approach

Factors like content scaling, touch gestures, device-specific customizations, etc. define how responsive your website will be. These factors change from one device to another and play a significant role in defining the user experience with the software. Responsive web app developers work on the mobile and desktop design of your web solution considering the difference in working and display on various platforms. You can enjoy the look and style of the web portal on various devices which makes it easier for you to be available to your customers all the time. So, simply connect with the best mobile web design company in Kenya, and go global and be accessible universally.

Driven by Your Business Needs

You are surely looking for a solution that meets your business requirements and drives your business growth. The team of web app developers perfectly blends your business needs and ideas with the latest technology trends that can be accessed on various mobile platforms. We understand your business requirements and create solutions in a way that your business objectives reach your target audience the right way. Over the years our experts have built solutions that are engaging and interesting and can be accessed over various platforms without any troubles. We offer our clients better user engagement, increased conversion rate, and a promise to deliver a seamless user experience.

Custom Solution for Your Business Type

We offer responsive solutions for your business no matter what industry vertical you serve. Our team of responsive web designers can create engaging and awestriking solutions for B2C businesses, B2B businesses, D2C businesses, startups, small-scale enterprises, medium-scale enterprises, or large enterprises. With global exposure, we bring to the screen a solution that is easy to use and engages with the audience well. We design user-specific solutions so that your audience feels connected to the solution and make customizations as required. The mobile app development team considers user experience as the top of its priority.

How do we work?

User Research & Analysis

Before taking up the project our experts study and analyze various factors, such as requirement gathering, audience analysis, online surveys, and a lot more.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Preparing a wireframe supports UX and UI development process. The mobile web design experts build and analyze prototypes to offer a seamless user experience.

Mobile User Experience Design

The user experience design team works on architecture, user journey mapping, concept mapping, look and feel, etc. for an unmatched user experience.

Intuitive Mobile User Interface

Baggin’s, UI design and development team builds intuitive and responsive solutions that are accessible over all devices to mark your universal presence.

Responsive Mobile Development

This allows the developers to access web pages on different screen sizes, small to larger (128 x 160 pixels, 176 x 220 pixels, 240 x 320 pixels, and 320 x 480 pixels).

Testing And Quality Analysis

The quality assurance and testing team takes care of the quality and functioning of the product over all platforms before deploying it to the client.

Deploy The Solution

After the Quality Analysis and Software Testing team gives a thumbs up to the solution, the developers after a final run deploy it to our clients.

After Deployment Support And Services

With advancing technology, we help our clients to update their mobile applications regularly to help them have a competitive edge over others.

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