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Table Booking App in Kenya

Restaurant Reservation App Panels for All App Users

Let’s discuss some salient panels of restaurant reservation app here. We have covered all kind of panel that we need to keep in mind when we are going to develop restaurant reservation app. Let’s discuss one by one.

Admin Panel

Restaurant Management Payment Method Email & SMS Notification Revenue Optimization Voucher System

Restaurant Panel

Sign Up Select membership Plan Update Restaurant Floor Plan Reservation Management Shift Overview Update Personal Details Receive Payment Submit Listing Schedule Diner-Book

User Panel

Easy Sign Up/Sign In Restaurant Search Results Make Reservation Add to favorites Preferences Browse Restaurant Restaurant Page Request for Private Dining View Reservations


Advanced Features to Include in Restaurant Reservation App Development

Here are some advance features that we need to consider in our restaurant reservation app development process. Although there are various features but we have mentioned some important here.


Let your hotel table booking app users choose a monthly/yearly subscription to unveil added discounts and added services.

A Blog & Forum

The online restaurant booking app comes with a blog & advanced customer support is integrated to provide your users with one-click support service.

Instant Alert

The online restaurant reservation app sends instant alerts for booking, cancelation, scheduling, arrival time of the customer and much more.

Swift Alerts & Notification

Send real-time alerts and notifications to customers and restaurant owners about reservations, cancellation or promo offers.

Simple Cancellations

Users may easily cancel their bookings with one tap. You may charge some amount for cancellation or may let them cancel for free.

Automatic Spam Protection

The feature protects spamming. Spam users, profiles, and messages are automatically filtered out. It is highly recommend features to be include in restaurant reservation app development.

Group Booking

For Bulk booking through online restaurant table booking app, offer discounted fares to get bulk orders and increase your customer base.

Toggle Availability

You may toggle the availability of the restaurants within your restaurant booking application. The restaurant owners may also set their availability.

Restaurant Reservation App Common Features

Rewards And Reviews

Rewards the online restaurant reservation app users with great deals, and lets them write the reviews for the services.

Gift Card

Offer your users special gift cards, to promote them to use your app and book through your restaurant booking application.

History Archive

Users may check their historical data, powered by cloud-based storage. The restaurant online booking app stores every bit of important data for the user.

Easy Scheduling

Users may book a table for a later day / time, and restaurant owners may also schedule the booking for a later day with restaurant reservation app.

Gain Access

Gain access to the complete control over your restaurant reservation application. Manage reservations, payments and much more through your panel.

Share Experience

Let the restaurant table booking app users share their experience with their friends, through reviews, ratings and social media channels.

Upload Bills For Extra Cash Back

Users may upload their previous bills to get extra cash back and reward points. This increases customer loyalty.

Cash & Card Payment

Let the users pay through different payment mediums, including cash, net banking, eWallet or credit/debit cards.

Dining Area Selection

Users may select their preferred dining area. The table view in the restaurant table reservation app allows them to choose the tables of their choice.

Combine Table

Users may ask to combine tables in case of bulk booking. Keep the tables combined before the customers arrive.

Commission Manager

Commission Manager keeps the track of your earnings. Advanced reports are provided with beautiful graphics in table reservation app.


Generate revenue and build a business model by showing relevant in-app advertisements to your app to make restaurant reservations users.

Core Features of Restaurant Reservation Software

Here are some core features that we include in Restaurant Reservation App. These features make your app stand out. Let’s discuss below.

Advanced Search

Users of the hotel table booking app may search for restaurants using advanced keywords like location, menu, rates etc.

QR Code

With in-built QR Code scanner in the online restaurant booking app, users may easily book a table by scanning the QR code or pay using the QR code.

Real Time Availability

Real time tracking in the online restaurant table booking app keeps the users informed about the bookings and table availability in real time.

Book From Anywhere, Anytime

Provide your users with a round-the-clock restaurant booking app& let your users rent your car from anywhere, anytime.

Drag & Drop Reservations

Interactive Table View of the restaurant allows the users to drag & drop and book the tables of their choice from app to make restaurant reservations.

Manage Restaurant Reservation

Users, restaurant owners and the Admin can easily manage the reservations, cancellation and scheduled reservations.

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